Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kill Bill vol.3

Lately I'm working a ton and sleeping too few. I like my job but i must say the extra time of the brazilian workday (44h a week) takes it's toll little by little. At the beggining i thought the extra bus time would help me catch for missing sleep, but as soon i started sleeping in the bus i discovered i suffered from a sleep disorder syndrome called "sleep paralysis", which makes your body unable to recover from REM movement state for some time after your brain does.

I don't know if you even can visualize this, but the fact is that i wake up completely unable to move my body, my muscles simply won't respond to my commands. Almost like that Kill Bill scene where Uma Thurman tries to recover in the "pussywagon" after her hospital getaway.
Luckily for me i do recover in some minutes and this only seems to happen on the bus so as long as i sleep in any other place i just do fine.

Well, back to topic, this leaves me with almost no free time as i must sleep a lot at home to prevent me from falling asleep at the bus. Which in turn leaves me doing most of my personal projects, studying and anime watching on the bus (bless the ipad for that).

The problem comes when a solid internet connection is required... This last weeks i was working on various projects with regex and databases that got me up till late.
I must admit i'm a pretty lazy man when it comes to working for others, but when i get myself involved with something usually i go to hell and back to see it through.

So usually the next day after i've been so motivated, i see myself fighting the urge to sleep at the bus (lights off, everybody sleeping, it's no easy task i tell you...).


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