Monday, July 16, 2012

State of the Art and the Hypocrisy of Eros

Art by  Jean Pierre Ceytaire

Today i'm gonna talk about something that really bugs me and sets me aflame with indignation. Erotic art and the way it's treated by society.
Since young, drawing has been my passion, i've spent a reasonable amount of money and time learnign from the best masters i could afford and getting me the equipment that best suited my needs. While other guys spent saturday evenings dragged on the sofa watching shitty tv or getting drunk for that night's happy hour, i spent my time perfecting my techniches with pencil, paper and drawing pads.

My inspiration came from two main sources. The erotically charged mangas from the land of the rising sun, coupled with the exuberant art and comical eroticism of Adam Warren on his works on Gen13, Livewires, and his most recent Empowered. My style rapidly aligned with my likes, and soon my drawings were filled with curvy women on scanty dresses and innocent looking lolitas while I searched for the perfect female forms.
Empowered from Adam Warren is all about damsels in distress. 
It was not long since I found myself admiring erotic and hentai artists from all over the world. Guys capable of creating lust with just a pen and a paper. And i understood that to be the ultimate goal for any artist. After all, what we all seek is to leave an imprint on those who follow our art, and the best way to do so is by creating a powerful sensation that will leave a permanent memory.

Through art I've met wonderful humour artists, i've read stories that left me in deep sadness, I've found the most pure forms of love, or found the awesomeness of the common world. So i wanted also to leave my imprint through one of the strongest appealing feelings of the human being: lust.

Richelle Mead Succubus Blues series is an excellent example of narrative use of sex. 
Sadly though the world is too hipocryte to understand this kind of motivations and erotic artists are often overlooked and treated as if their work was nothing worth of admiration. They often accuse us of wanting to attract visibilty by offering nudity and sex, and no one considers how that fits into the personal experience we want to transmit or deliver to our audience.

Sometimes sex is not a excuse for lust, but a vehicle for humour. Sometimes, it's a vehicle to understanding a higher state of love. Sometimes sex can be violent or dirty, and used as a vehicle to transmit anger or loath.

The paragons of virtue
The worst comes when you cross paths with the piercing eyes of the ones who thing they are in charge of guarding humanity's morals. All around the internet and the real world this guys seek, destroy and humiliate without criteria.

They do not respect freedom of speech nor artistic freedom, and hunt nudity around the internet without any criteria. Instead of creating filters to prevent acess to those who don't want to acess that content they instead ban and delete art who is supposed to be a cultural legacy of mankind as a whole. This my fellow readers is a book burning crusade on a digital media.

The worst of this is that no criteria is followed at all to determine who is guilty and who is not.

Eros and Psique
One of the worst villains of the bunch is ironically the greatest reference for art around the internet: Deviantart. On Deviantart like in real life exists the justice of the strong: Small artists with little followers have their art removed or are banned by drawing a girl showing a nipple mark under a wet shirt, while powerful photographs with leverage make a living by posting daily photos of vaginas and erect dicks.

Soon classifications are made. Artist are tagged as pornographers, pornographers are tagged as artists. Moral zealots go to church happy thinking they made the world a better place while a lot of rapist, pimps and pedophiles roam the land unpunished, or even worst, protected by their moralist friends who just deleted your erotic drawing.


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