Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little love interludes

And here i am at the metro posting. In front of a cute little random girl who just simply passes by through my life like an extra in some movie. Probably unaware that i am watching her...

Some years ago a brilliant and lucid marketing guy made some advertisings for the Barcelona Metro in which a young boy and girl shyly watched each other in the train. The guy, sitting next to the standing girl was thinking: 

- If she seats, i'll talk to her.

The girl, at his side was thinking:

- If he talks to me I'll sit.

I found it brilliant. A perfect depiction of this impossible love stories that we, public transport users are so used to. On the insides we´re burning to know that stranger, but social politeness of the grand metropolis has taught us not to talk with strangers.

And with the door closing bell ends another 30 seconds romance. She was carrying a Louis Vuitton... "She´s out of my league" I think as she vanishes in the crowd.

Who knows, maybe she was also waiting for me to talk...

Ending comments:

Just as i finished writting this post I crossed a propaganda on the Sao Paulo subway on the same line above:

The message read:

 "This bus is so full... yet i can only see you."


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