Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Immaterial and missing colours

Lately i am having some serious artist block. I can count months straight from the time i finished my last drawing. And it's a hopeless situation. My life is so busy lately that my time is a most valuable commodity. On the other hand, a crescent feeling of angst grows inside me the most when i can't express me with colours.

I have a serious problem building up with all that is artsy. I tend to pull my limits when drawing on pen and paper by trying difficult poses, wich lots of times leads to serious frustration as i don't manage to portrait what's in my mind. Also, the lack of time to practice means that i have little references of recent drawings that went good, this kinda sets a psychologycal barrier between you and the paper.

Art by EndureSquare - but it's in all artists minds.
The computer, is the media where i can also pull most of myself when i stay focused, but lately is a no go. For a good drawing you have to go lots of hours straight of working before making your first stop. If I break from it too soon, i lose my concentration and it becomes one more forgotten file on a nameless folder. A skeleton of what it should have been, and it never will.

The ipad is the media where i could pull the most of my time, as i have two hours a day where we basically have no other option but to make us company one another. But the ipad pen seriously annoys me: with that enormous tip, it's difficult to be precise and i get frustrated. The fact that your wrist also provokes the ipad to draw also causes you to have to hover over the screen with no anchor point whatsoever, thus putting you at the need of learning drawing from zero.

I know... I should stop writing and whinning so much and get myself to draw -_-

This week though i managed to get some time for drawing, and the only word that can be used to describe the sensation is completeness. Grabbing a pencil is like reuniting with a long lost limb, it puts you at peace with yourself. Throwing some sketches around is fun but in the end ideas is what take you out of the block. So i went for some ideas i got from kaawa shoujo and got me back on track.

Probable won't have the spare time to color them but having time to doodle around is a big step forward.


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