Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The fields of justice

I'm not eating much lately, i'm even sleeping less than i should... Some may say i'm being lazy and that this is just a symptom of single behaviour. However i know better to notice this started some weeks ago, when a friend of mine introduced me to League of Legends.

The premise of the game is simple: two bases, and two armies of minions condemned to fight eternally in equal conditions, and a jungle full of creeps in the middle. Players take control of a hero on one of the sides of the battle, trying to overpower the balance into victory, gaining experience and gold as they progress through the enemy ranks, Ultimately turning into ultimate machines of destruction that can chop through enemy hordes as a knife through butter.

But of course the enemy heroes are there to prevent you to do so. There is where the fun starts: try to single handedly kill an enemy hero and you may be the first corpse of the day. Teamwork is the key of winning in LoL and coordinating with your team and taking advantadge of your strengths is the funniest part of the game. Running for your life and suddenly see your team spring from the bushes to ambush your unaware pursuer or coordinating a full scale attack on the enemy team are the most rewarding moments of the game.

The best thing is that all of this is free to play! Lol has hundred or more champions to try, each with his strengths and weaknesses, and every week, 10 of them are free to play, the rest of them can be unlocked with the ingame currency that will be rewarded after every game. If you want to look fancy or shortcut your way to a certain hero though you can spend some real cash to do so, supporting the developers. But remember cash does not buy power in LoL. Every one, regardless of their player level starts the match with a hero in equal conditions, this means that only ability decides the victor.

It will take you quite some time in the beggining to grasp how to keep yourself alive until you find a hero that fits your playing style. It took me almost one week of trying until i found myself confortable playing with Kog'maw, and this week i found another nice hero in the armored armadillo Rammus. Having ten heroes to test each week helps you in trying new things until you decide where to invest your hard earned IP points.

If this caught your interest, come join me in the League!


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