Monday, February 18, 2013


Well, i guess it's time t start with season 2 of Missing Spagonia, and i'm doing so with a recommendation of a great series that is running this season.

Sasami-san@Gambaranai follows the story of the hikikomori girl Sasami, after which the story is named. She lives secluded in her room dwelling on the internets for most of the time while her brother Kamiomi teaches at a local school.

Nothing would be notable if it weren't because Sasami and Kamiomi are heirs to the power of the godess Amaterasu, which can shape and twist reality to their user's will. This is not explained until episode 2 and not clearly identifiable in episode one wich makes the first episode very random and fun to watch, as lots of weird shit start to happen for no apparent reason, reminding of the classic Gainax anime Furi-Kuri.

Nothing says insanity like unwanted appendages.

During the following episodes the series goes on various explanations that clear everything up, from the insane situations to the strange incestuous relation between Sasami and his brother or even Kamiomi's habit of covering his face with the most ridiculous objects at hand.

Kamiomi using her innate ninja ability for hiding in plain sight.

The action in the stories is provided by the three Yagami sisters (named after the three godly treasures of japan: The sword, the mirror and the magatama). This trio of godly origin try to maintain order in the city and protect Sasami from the chaotic situations that their powers cause.

Peace through the use of superior firepower.

The animation in the series can't be qualified less than superb: Beautiful colors and textures, mixed with lots of artistic effects make for a delightful experience that surely will make lots of anime appreciators shudder in pleasure.

The animation is also notably better than most animes nowadays and the combat scenes look both dynamic and spectacular, but still perfectly readable so you always know what is going on scene.

Sasami´s attempts to escape her seclusion are among the best animated on the series.

Overall i'm having a great time watching this series and i hope for new episodes to be released.
Sasami-san @ Gambaranai is a breath of fresh air in an anime industry that has seemed very stale in the last years with very few notable animes worth mentioning.

I'm having really high hopes that this one will set a new benchwark and pave the way for new high quality animes.


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