Sunday, January 8, 2012

On the origin of the name

To understand the name, is to understand a bit of me. I am a graduated Aerospace engineer. Born and raised on the ever beautiful city of Barcelona in Spain. I spent all my life dreaming about a future of greatness until reality crushed in.

When economy crumbled in Europe (2009), i was just graduated, thinking my new college career would open me all the paths i always wanted to follow. The truth is that i found myself unemployed and in an escalating difficulty to find a job as the crisis advanced on my home country.

After ending a long term relationship i decided there was nothing more to me on Spain, so i made my luggage and in a week after making the decision i became one more of what Spain knows as the "Lost Generation". People raised in Spain and forced to flee to better economies due to lack of qualified job opportunities.

Now I live and work in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian megalopolis. 2 years already have passed since I got here, and my mind is an ever changing landscape of ideas and plans for the future. But I still miss home.

Spagonia is one of the stages from Sonic Unleashed, later revisited in Sonic Generations (Fact #1 about me - I´m a hardcore Sonic fan). It's a lively city reminiscent of Spain or Italy, with stone buildings and orange roofs.

Thus Spagonia is like an iconic memory of my memories of home. The place that has been stolen from me. Maybe the future will bring me there again... but until then, I shall walk forward without looking back.


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