Sunday, January 8, 2012

God bless the 3d!!

This irony is an inside joke between me and my brother. It dates back from the early days of the nintendo 64, when Mario 64 became 3D. 3D brought together one of the terrors of videogames: the camera. So as we jumped around trying to defy the colorful landscape we were plunged to the deepest abyss due to sudden camera changes and fail to perceive perspective on the 3d enviroment.

Everytime we chored: God bless the 3D!

The 3D is the epitome of the reality crush. Everything always looks better on the realm of the 2D just because of one simple reason: It's not meant to be. Art is the realm of illusion, of hidden hopes and dreams, of forbidden fantasies. Some people try to reproduce reality ln their art, I myself run from anything that smells to reality's shade of imperfection.

Thus 2D is my refuge from reality. Be it comics or anime, being drawing for long periods of time. I long for something i cannot hope to find in this world. For this, i keep on drawing.


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