Monday, January 9, 2012

Sniper Maids and combat Butlers

Sakuya - The perfect Maid

The figure of the all powerful butler, ever loyal, prepared to serve to death for his family. Is a powerful image that transmits nobility, loyalty and desire to protect: what every woman looks for in her perfect prince charming. On the other side, Maids are the always perfect, always servile, unconscious desire of a man. A girl to fulfill your desires, even through tough times. 

Lately though roles are being changed and genres are mixing in various character experiences. Lately i'm watching two series that go back into this that has become an icon of fantasy in japanese animation and manga.

From tea serving to target practice in 0.5 seconds

Sacred seven is a cool shounen, not a masterpiece, but a blow of fresh air for a genre that's been lacking on cool new faces until the arrival of Ao no Exorcist. On the Aria corporation we can see a full army of maids and some butlers transformed into one of the most fearsome military that money can pay, fielding from mechas to railguns to sniper maids... Even being just cannon fodder for the main character to shine they have some highlight moments where they make up to the expectations.

On the other side, Mayo Chiki offers a classical approach to the figure of the butler... With a twist. As the main char in the series, Subaru is a girl who acts as her master's butler to protect the family tradition. Hilarity ensues in a lot of comedic scenes but the idea of the butler as a weapon of mass destruction prevails, as Subaru is more than capable of single handedly overpower characters presented as very powerful since the beggining of the series.

Other awesome butler worth checkin is Sebastian Michaelis, probably the maximum figure in his category. Place his figure in front of an otaku girl crowd and see them scream like the rabid fangirls they are.


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