Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sacred Seven

Just finished watching Sacred Seven, and i must say the ending was a nice surprise for a change. Since the times of Evangelion, most anime endings use to be a complete mess due to trying to make something memorable. Sacred Seven went for a nice little conclusion in their 2 last chapters with some very nice plot hooks and twists.


Chapter eleven starts with Aiba corporation being publicly accused of fraud and Ruri being accused of financing their own personal interests with coorporate money... hell yes! At last somebody in japan understood that large coorps are not a rich man's playground! That was a nice taste of reality in a series where no one seems to care from his city being devastated by overgrown overpowered rock statues...

Aiba is dissolved and with her, all their benefits and most important, their Maid corps. I said in a previous post how Aiba maids were awesome... Well, in this chapter all the girls get field action, not just the snipers, and lemme tell you, they are a fearsome bunch. Chapter 11 is worth seeing alone just for their combat action to rescue Kagami and Arma from Kenmi's men.

But getting back to the main plot we got some nice "ultimate power" wardrobe changes for all the major characters, and even some late time plot twists as even Fei awakens her darkstone powers (even thouh becoming a kind of overgrown frog didn't make much for her general appeal).

You can expect your usual ending here, evil guy striving for godhood and world domination, some deaths to spice up, but in general a good conclusion that makes for a very decent series in my opinion. Even has time for a nice tribute for Tengen Toppa when Arma pulls a drill to "pierce the heavens" from his suit.


I would recommend anyone with a thing for shounen to giving this series a try if this does not mean leaving in the shell any other renowned masterpiece. Music is pretty good and grows on you over time. Characters are fine, if not nothing to write home about (even though Kagami is a literal clone from Bleach's Ishida).


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