Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brave 10

Brave 10, one of my favourite manga is having an anime adaptation this season. At the beggining i was scared about how it turn out but so far is meeting my expectations. The drawing is not as detailed as the manga but even though, it manages to show a lot of details, specially in the character design wich is in my opinion one of the best points of the manga.

If you are not familiar with the story, it revolves about the legendary 10 heroes of Yukimura Sanada, completed with all the major personalities of the late Sengoku era: Tokugawa, Masamune Date, ans even his right eye Rokurou make an appearance, as well as famous ninjas as Saizou, Sasuke and Hanzo.

Fuck Naruto! - Saizou vs Hanzo: as awesome as ninjas can be.

So far combats are being pretty nice (despite the opening may make them look dull), and Isanami's childish nature is very well portrayed without being annoying (also praise for the seiyu, she's doing some very nice acting). Hanzo Hattori is also proving to be every inch of an awesome enemy he is in the manga. Also I love that Saizo, the main character, isn't simply an overpowered character for no reason, and can get beaten by other characters if he does not try it's best. I'm worried on the other side that being a story with a lot of characters, they will end up forgetting half of them through the story as it happens with other similar manga.

The opening animation is so-so, the song is cool but i guess they forgot the action just to fit more character presentations. Oh, so far chapter 3 has featured an alternate voiceover of the same song but with different lyrics which is pretty nice too.

If you are looking for a nice shounen, and you didn't get enough Yukimura and Masamune from Sengoku Basara, you should definitely look forward to watching Brave 10.


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