Sunday, February 5, 2012

Damocles Sword

It's fun how life plays with peoples destinies. One day out of the blue you find your life crumble down to the base and set again with the difficult task of rebuilding or moving on. (zergling rush anyone?)

Yesterday was just a normal day at work. Some meetings, some planning, some damage control... But as of mid afternoon, the HR team called us for a public announcement: Our manager executive had been cut off the company.

I don't know and i don't care much about the reasons, but if something it was, was unexpected. That very morning, during the meetings, that cheerful man was planning his tasks for next week oblivious that he won't be making it there as he was being already beheaded in some other place by guys in suits and smoking big cigars.

I guess that as the siracusan tale says. Power comes with visibility, and that backflavor of betting your life on it.


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